onsdag, april 21, 2021


LUNCH MENY / MENU – før / until kl. 15.00
Mandag til Fredag

  Antipasti – Forretter - Starters  
  Bruschetta classica       145,-
  Ristet brød, ferske tomater, hvitløk, basilikum, parmesan  
  Toasted bread, with fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, parmesan  
  (allergener: GL, M, L, T)  
  Bruschetta parma 185,-
  Toasted bread, with Parma ham, mozzarella cheese, garlic, basil  
  (allergener: GL, ML, LP)  
  Bruschetta zazziza con cime di di rame 179,-
  Toasted bread, with italien sausage  
  (allergener: GL, FI, LP)  
  Carpaccio classico 179,-
  Thin slices of beef, lime, capers, parmesan cheese, fresh salad  
  (allergener: ML)  
  Insalate – Salater – Salads  
  Insalata di Cesar 179,-
  Caesar salad with chicken, croutons, parmesan cheese, caesar dressing  
  (allergener: GL, EG, ML, LP)  
  Insalate di mare 185,-
  Mixed salad with seafood, bell pepper, garlic, capers, olives, herbs, lemon juice, olive oil  
  (allergener: FI, SK, BL)  
  Insalate Caprese 185.-
  Buffalo mozzarella cheese, tomato, olive oil, balsamic, basil  
  (allergener: ML)  
  Salads served with focaccia (allergener: GL)  
  Lasagne della casa 185,-
  Meat sauce, bechamel sauce, mixed salad  
  (allergener: GL, EG, ML, LP)  
  Fettuccine alla sazizza 185,- 
  Fettuccine with fresh sausage from Calabria, chilli, bell pepper, onion, garlic, Pecorino cheese  
  (allergener: GL, EG, ML, LP)  
  Spaghetti bolognese 185,-
  spaghetti with meatsaus  
  (allergener: GL, EG, SO, ML, LP)  
  Penne arrabiate 185.-
  with spicy tomato sauce  
  (allergener: GL, EG, SO, ML, L  
  Fettuccine agli scampi 185,-
  Fettuccine pasta, with scampi, tomato sauce  
  (allergener: GL, SK, EG, FI, ML, BL, LP)  
  Tortelloni quattro formaggio 185,-
  Tortelloni filled with ricotta cheese, spinach, creamy with four different cheeses  
  (allergener: GL, EG, ML, LP)  
  Pasta senza Glutine 189,-
  Pasta uten gluten (Valgfri)  
  Pasta without gluten (Free of choice)  
  (allergener: EG, ML)  
  Risotti – Risotto  
  Risotto al pollo 185.-
  Risotto made with chicken, mushroom, butter, Parmigiano cheese  
  (allergener: ML)  
  Carne - Kjøtt - Meat  
  Pollo in carrozza 189.-
  Chicken fillet, filled with ham, champignon, olives, mozzarella, slices of Parma ham, whitewine sauce, served with mashed potatoes  
  (allergener: ML, LP)  
  Vitello tonnato 189,-
  Slices of veal fillet, with tuna sauce, eggs, tuna, lime, capers, olive oil, mayonnaise  
  (allergener: EG, FI, ML, LP)  
  Pesce - Fisk - Fish  
  Baccala a modo mio 189.-
  Dry cod, with olives, capers, onion, garlic, potato, tomato sauce  
  (allergener: FI, ML, LP)  
  Dolce - Dessert  
  (allergener: GL, EG, ML, NN, LP)  
  Panna cotta 85.-
  Fløtepudding med vanilje og skogsbær  
  Cream pudding with vanilla and wild berries  
  (allergener: EG, ML)  
  Dessert del giorno 85.-
  (allergener: GL, EG, ML, NN, LP)  


  Pizze - Pizza  
  Tomatsaus og mozzarella på alle pizza   
  Tomato sauce and mozzarella on any pizza  
  Ekstra tilbehør  20,-
  Extra ingredient  20,-
  Pizza alla Sazizza 199.-
  Hot tomato sauce, Italian sausage, olives, Mozzarella  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Don Chisciotte 195,-
  Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, ham  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Pizza ai frutti di mare 199,-
  Shellfish, tomatosaus, mozzarella  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Calzone inferno  189.-
  Mozzarella, salami picante, anduja-spice  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Tonnata 175,-
  Tomato, Mozzarella, tuna, onion, artichoke, garlic  
  (GL, SO, ML, FI, LP)  
  Campagnola                        199,-
  Buffalo Mozzarella, rocket salad, olive, salami  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Alla Carbonara 195,- 
  Mozzarella, cherry tomato, bacon, egg, Pecorino  
  (GL, SO, ML, EG, LP)  
  Del Pollino 179,-
  Mozzarella, anduja, red onion, champignon  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Gorgonzola 185,-
  Mozzarella, gorgonzola cheese, olives  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Contadina 189,-
  Pancetta, zucchine, Scarmorza-smoked cheese  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Margherita                                   159,- 
  Cheese and tomato sauce  
  (GL, SO, ML, FI, LP)  
  Qui                                    199,- 
  Dried beef, rocket salad, parmesan, cherry tomato  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Calzone (innbakt) 179,-
  Ham, champignon  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Napoli 179.-
  Anchovies, capers  
  (GL, SO, ML, FI, LP)  
  Capricciosa 189.-
  Parma ham, marinated artichoke  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Parma 199.-
  Parma ham, rocket, Parmesan cheese  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Quattro stagioni 189.-
  Ham, champignon, olives, marinated artichokes  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Calabrese 199.-
  Salami, olives, red onion, anduja-spice  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Bufala 199.-
  Buffalo Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Valdostana 189.-
  Chicken, onion, bell pepper  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Pizze bianca – Pizza white  
  Rusticone 215.-
  Bufala, salciccia, sikori romani, parmigiano  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Michael´s – bianca 189,-
  Mozzarella, sausage, onion, Parmesan cheese  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Alla Romana - bianca 179,-
  Mozzarella, anchovies, capers  
  (GL, SO, ML, FI, LP)  
Pizza Vincenzo - bianca 179,-
  Mozzarella, chili pepper  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Rustica - bianca 199,-
  Smoked cured ham, boletus mushroom, Parmesan rocket, Gorgonzola  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Mare Monte – bianca 199,-
  Mozzarella, champignon, scampi, chili pepper, rocket, cherry tomato, Parmesan  
  (GL, SO, ML, SK, LP)  
  Quattro formaggi - bianca 179,- 
  Four sorts of cheese  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Vegetariana      179,-
  Squash, champignon, bell pepper, aubergine  
  (GL, SO, ML, LP)  
  Pizza dello chef 210,-
  Ricotta, artichokes, sham, and truffles  
  Glutenfri Pizza, med valgfritt tilbehør 185,-
  Extra ingredient 20.-/40.-